Birthmarks Treatment

What is Birthmark Treatment ? Birthmarks are a common type of discoloration that appears on your skin at birth or during the first few weeks of life. They’re usually noncancerous.

They can occur anywhere on your face or body. Birthmarks vary in colour, size, appearance, and shape. Some are permanent and may get larger over time. Others fade away completely. Most birthmarks are harmless, but some indicate an underlying medical condition. In some instances, birthmarks may be r for abolish cosmetic reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have heard tales connecting birthmarks to unmet food cravings, but that’s a myth. Birthmarks are not caused by anything that a pregnant woman does or doesn’t do during her pregnancy. The underlying reason why birthmarks form is unknown.

Some birthmarks are hereditary and run in families but most aren’t. Very occasionally, some are originate by gene mutations.

For example, some babies born with port-wine stains have a rare condition called Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. This condition is effect by a genetic mutation that isn’t generally inherited.

Another rare condition, Sturge-Weber syndrome, also appears as port-wine birthmarks and is caused by a different gene mutation. It also doesn’t run in families and can’t be inherited.

Birthmarks refer to skin spots that are apparent at birth or shortly afterward. Marks on your skin such as moles may occur later on in life but aren’t considered birthmarks.

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